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Play by e-mail with ChessComment

Starting a game :

After installation, read first instructions to send games by e-mail and check the entries.

To start a game go to the free site where you will find opponents and will be able to invite them.

This site will also help you to monitor your progress and exchange analysis with other players.

Answer :

When it is your move, you receive an e-mail with usually an attachement : double-click it to open ChessComment et display the game.

The same e-mail contains also the PGN notation in the message text. If there is no attachement, launch ChessComment from "Start, Programs, M.R.IT, ChessComment" or en equivalent shortcut, select all the message text (Ctrl-A) and drag and drop it on the Chessboard.

You can try different answers and enter comments for every studied variation. The button bouton pour lecture différentielle et retour au coup joué par l'adversaire brings you back to the last move of your opponent, from which you can try other variations.

To send your answer, make at least one move and click the button  bouton pour envoyer les parties par courriel et les démarrer . Only one new move will be sent, and your variations and analysis won't be send but stored on your computer.

Usually the e-mail address of your opponent is already displayed, and you have only to click Ok   

ChessComment avoids several types of error frequently encountered in e-mail playing. For exemple it prevents to play twice.

If you receive a position already played, it will be discarded. This happens because of human errors, attempts at cheating, or fancy in delivering your e-mails.

End of game :

After clicking bouton pour envoyer les parties par courriel et les démarrer vous may check the box to resign, or offer a draw to your opponent. In such a case, your opponent will be able either to accept or to decline. If he declines, the game is carried on as usual.

A checkmate make you winning, but currently every cases of draw are not raised automatically.

If you resigned, or accepted a draw, or won by checkmate, the game is finished. Upload the game on the site, by checking the appropriate box before saving. It will confirm the result, update scores and classification, and other players will be able to see your analysis.

Later, you can update your analysis, submit the game to an engine and save it in your personal database.