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Basic usage of ChessComment

You must first install the program on your computer.

To start, launch the program by clicking on "Start", "Programs", "M.R.IT", "ChessComment". The chess-board is displayed in initial position, whites to play. You are in study mode and can thus alternatively play the white and the blacks. Thereafter you will see how to play by e-mail in game mode.

Move the pawn e2 by dragging it with the mouse in e4, and continue by playing e5 and Cf3. You see after each move the notation displayed in the lower window. The last move is red. After some moves, return at the beginning by clicking the button Bouton Premier

Then, play 1. d4 and d5. You see that the preceding moves become automatically a variation, displayed green.

If you return at the beginning, and play 1.e4 again, the moves d4 and d5 become now a variation without any other action. One can imbricate as many variations as one wants.

To navigate in the game, you can use the buttons on the right side of the chess-board, and click any displayed notation, even in a variation, to display the chessboard after this move. After double-clicking on a variation, this one is promoted. The mouse roller can be used to follow a line.

Type your comments, or analysis after each move, they will be then preserved, even in game by e-mail. Variations without comment or checkmate (like 16. Qe1 below) can be removed automatically, if you checked this option.

For castling in the standard games, move the king of 2 squares towards the tower, or drop the King on the Rook, which makes it possible to play in  Fischer-Random mode.

Display can be improved, according to characteristics of your screen.

To save your games and your analysis, click on the button bouton pour enregistrer but that will be suggested to you before closing.

To read a game, open a .pgn or .fen file by double-clicking it, or drag and drop the file, from Windows Explorer or from a mail, to the chessboard. You can drop a PGN text as well. If it is a download link on a site you can, usually, "open the file in it's location" to study it with ChessComment.

A study can be sent directly to another person by e-mail, using the button bouton pour démarrer et envoyer une partie par courriel which is also used to play by e-mail.

You can read or enter additional information by clicking on bouton d'accès aux propriétés de la partie

If  you click with the right mouse button on the chess-board or the comments, or if you press the usual CTRL keys, you are have access to edit functions (to copy, to paste...) and the possibility of generating HTML code in the clipboard.

You can obtain additional help in the forum.