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Options in M.R.IT Juke-box

Click on Options, or press button "F9".

Folder in which the random selection is made Create shortcuts to start quickly the music you love. Stop the music when you are off. Cancel random selection when you want Display or print your musical files Compute the time to listen the selection Copy musical files to another disk Example for options window

Changing starting folder

You can choose the starting folder, the one from which all the pieces to be played will be selected at random.

All you have to do is click on the icon farthest to the right and choose another folder. With the other icon you can also choose a recently selected folder.

Also, you can drag and drop any folder from Windows Explorer to the main window, without going through "Options".

Easy start

You can create a short-cut on your desktop for the choosen starting folder and use it to launch M.R.IT Juke box in the future. The name of this shortcut can be changed. Create shortcuts for all the genres you like.

In addition, it is possible for you to request the program to start automatically with your computer (or rather, your connection). In this case, of course, there is only one possible selection.

Stop easily

To keep the music from playing when you leave your computer, if you have defined a screensaver, you can check the box "suspension by screen saver" and the music will stop at the end of the piece being played, when the screensaver comes on.

Choosing the order of play

By default, the music is selected at random, but you can cancel that by checking the box. Then, folders will be played according their creation order. Within a folder, the order is always alphanumeric.

When all the piece have been played once, or skipped over, the program will make another selection and start again. But you can prevent this by checking the box provided for this purpose.

Computing total size and time

Click the button "Time". Total size and time of the starting folder will be computed. This may take some time, since all the files must be opened. Press the "ESC" key or click on "Play" to abandon the calculation.

Copying the folders and files

To copy the files in the starting folder, click on "Copy".

First, the size and time of the copy will be calculated, as described above. 

Once the calculation has been done, choose a folder to receive the copy. If it is a local disk, the available space will be calculated and will maximize what can be copied. You can also specify the maximum manually, for example by putting down the space available on a CD-ROM you want to record onto.

Once the copy is under way and has attained the prescribed maximum, you can wait before continuing the copy, until you have changed and formatted a new disk.

Listing titles

To make a listing of all titles in the starting folder, click the button "Listing". This will create a document and display it, using your internet explorer. You will be able to print, to save or to send it by e-mail.