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How to use M.R.IT Juke-box

Launch the program

Use the icon that has been created on your desktop to start the program, or else click "Start", "Program", "M.R.IT", "Juke Box".

If you have not purchased the program, a window will open up, and you will have to click Trial See our terms of sales for more information.

The first time you launch, you will have to choose a folder containing MP3 files. You can select it yourself, or let the program find one for you. If you have no MP3, read this.

Listening to the music

The music starts automatically. Click on Pause, or press on the Pause key to stop and restart play.

Pressing the "escape" button will close the program immediately. There is an option that allows you to suspend the music when the screen saver is activated.

Access to options window Example of a random selection

The sound is regulated with Windows tools.

If you want to change the selection, click on another title appearing on the screen, or use the keyboards arrows to go forward or backward in the suggested tree diagram. To change the folder, drop another one in the window, or clic Options

You can reduce the program into the task bar to free up your desktop.

If you want to see the details of folders without playing them, click on the "+" signs which extend the tree so you can see the continuation.

When the last piece has been played or selected, new titles are choosen at random and the first titles selected will disappear.

Using the right mouse button, you will find other functions.