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Short description of ChessComment

ChessComment helps you to progress in chess, by writing easily analysis and variations.

You can use ChessComment to study alone a game, and to play by e-mail.

It preserves as variations all your trials, and makes it possible to comment on each move by entering text straightforward. You can click any move to display the corresponding position, and promote a variation with only a double-click. The variations without notes are erased automatically.

When you receive a game by e-mail, or when you download it from a site, the new move is added to the main line, after possible promotion of an existing variation containing this move. All your analysis are preserved and are obviously not sent to the adversary, in a game by e-mail.

One can choose the space occupied by the chess-board, the comments and the notations, as well as the fonts. The notation of chessmen can be displayed in letters (can be translated in non-english versions) or figurines. There is no chess engine, it is not the aim of the program. Only the invalid moves, chess and chessmate are announced.

It is possible to copy, cut, paste and generate HTML. PGN and/or FEN formats are accepted and can be produced. It is possible to play in Fischer-Random (FRC).

The program can be installed on Windows (95 to Seven), and also on recent Linux (Ubuntu) with Wine and a few restrictions. To install it, click here