Software developments

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M.R.IT Juke box simply plays your MP3 files

Without any intervention, M.R.IT Juke-box randomly selects and plays the MP3 files found on one or several disks or computers.

All you have to do is compile a folder of musical files, by buying MP3 files over the internet, or by encoding your owns disks with a product such as MusicMatch JukeBox.

This kind of software requires you to manage "Libraries" and create PlayLists to listen to your music, which can be rather tedious if you don't want to listen always the same thing all the time.

M.R.IT Juke-box simplifies this and will choose the music it self.

It runs on Windows (95 to Seven) and on recent Linux (Ubuntu) with WINE. It requires few resources : a Pentium 100 with 16 MB RAM is enough !

This software uses EldoS Sounds package to play MP3 files. EldoS Sounds is a free package, and you can find it on